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No more TCP, no more articles, no more I.H.P...

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Ritratto di Max
Iscritto: 28 Gen 2012

To who ever it may concern, I have decided to step out of the I.H.P. and thus am not in any way
or means involved in it's future progress. I will also seise to write for The Cavern Post and thus
there will be no more articles or a feature "This month in the Cavern", at least not from me!

My writings in TCP were aimed to create interest for MOULa and the "fictional" history of D'ni.
I might have done some good with that. So thanx for all the nice comments I've received to all
of that. I.H.P. was a creation that we thought could benefit the whole of community. And DTC
wrote a nice speech to it and we had a great party...

And then "reality" kicked in! A communitys behaviour is based on the individuals behaviour. If
it's good or bad, is based of how well we interact as a group. We take care of our friends and
we try help our friends. That was the main goal for I.H.P. At least I thought so...

Recent I have had reason to ask "who are these people I thought were my friends?" It took only
a few days after the I.H.P. party for a Witch Hunt to appear. I call it that, for lack of better word.
My so called "friends" started to behave totally opposite to what I'd had expected. That of some
tolerance, if not that then just ignoring the disturbing incidents. Not of hatered and persecusion!

I can not accept persecution and harassment of players in public places or just look away without
reacting. This has been happening during several days, around the previous week end. People who
has been present in the City should be able to tell. Perhaps those who ran around with the torches,
tar & feathers won't. They propably chuckle over this rant, thinking I'm a whimp. But at least I'm
a whimp with still some guts and a spine!   

Even IF it's players that might well be earlier rightfully banned from MOULa for whatever reasons.
Or just because people "know" (without any proof to show for it!) this or that person IS a Griefer.

Does that give somebody the right run and chase them, insult them and make fun of them!?!
Using the very same methods a "griefer" does?!? What a bunch of spineless cowards you are!

I know it's only a few who "think" they have right to play this kind of "game".
But every one who see it happen and not speaking up leaves a silent approval!!!
Every one of you who just walk away from it leave your silent approval!!!

This place should be so much more better than this! This community should behave so much
more better than this! At least I thought so! I don't think that any more. All this has left me with
a feeling of extreme disappointment!


Ritratto di Lyrositor
WebmasterTranslatorUru2U TeamMessenger
Iscritto: 2 Mar 2012

I'm sorry to see you go, Max. sad You did some good work on The Cavern Post. As soon as some time frees up, we'll try and edit your last article. I still hope this is not the last we'll be seeing of you. Remember that people change.

I think however that I speak for everyone at the GoMe when we say that we were not aware of the persecution you were submitted to.



Ritratto di Lunanne
Rel.to MaintainerMagazine moderatorMagazine teamTranslatorMessenger
Iscritto: 17 Gen 2010

I'm sorry to hear that you have been persecuted over the International Hood, I kinda liked the project although I'm not really involved with Uru anymore so pretty much ignored it.

It isn't your fault that this happened to you. The Uru community is not so much a community as a lot of groups of people who like the same videogame(s) but cannot agree on much else. Whenever you do anything that catches some amount of attention, there will be people who hate you for it and witch hunt you. And it s**ks and I can totally understand leaving.

Good luck with whatever you're going to do :)

Ritratto di Max
Iscritto: 28 Gen 2012

Maybe I was unclear, sorry if so. I personally have not been attacked (yet). Althought some have
questioned why we started this project at all. 

But this is about group behaviour. I became a part of I.H.P. thinking we could do some good for
ALL in the community. To create some sort of unity and also show the diversity of the community.
That we despite differences are like a "family", meaning that in a good way.

I can't try "build up" something when people I'm supposed to try and cooperate start to show up
their vile side. Insulting and harassing other players (note: not me! so far. I expect to get flak for
expressing my view though. it happend last time, when I questioned the Witch Hunt then. the so
called *proof* for its legitimity. because of doing that, I was said to become the *next* victim!)

I can't any more be an objective vitness, and try to write about what's happening in the Cavern
for TCP without mentioning these incidents. And by that I'm biased! And I should not be! But
I should have seen the writing on the wall. Fortunatly enough these incidents happen now rather
seldom. But at the same time, one forgets how easily a Vigilante Mob is formed and the Chase
is again on.   

Nothing I can do to change that behaviour. But I wish not to witness that..


Ritratto di Doobes
WebmasterCouncil memberMagazine teamCavern CrierUru2U TeamMessenger
Iscritto: 15 Dic 2010

I've found this cycle kind of repeats itself every so often.  Someone gets a good idea, it gains momentum and attention, a select group of people get all uppity and snotty and...dare I say...trollish towards someone's good intentions, either because they don't get it or they're just morons to begin with.  Tempers flare, people leave in a huff, and things eventually calm themselves for the process to start all over again later with something else. 

Read: OHB and OHBot, Trekluver and New Greeters, etc. cheeky

When such things happen, I find it best to step away from the cavern and pursue other things while keeping an ear to the ground in the MOUL forums, the IRC channels, and our site every so often.  Of course, I also occasionally hop in to host the AGM.

So yes, it's probably a good idea to take a break, Max.  When things get too real and intense, it's best to step back and take a breather.  Just know that we'll simply classify you as "on vacation" and you're welcome to return to the GoMe, TCP, etc. whenever you feel like it and in any capacity.  You'll always have friends here. smiley

Anyway, my two cents for ya.


Ritratto di Toki
Iscritto: 26 Giu 2012

(Please please permit it if I say that I am irrelevant. blush)

Hi Max.

In I.H.P, you should have grieved.

I may only make you sad now even if I say anything.

For the person who did a good act, there is a person in admiration of it.

But, in what you should grieve, there is a person to slander by all means.

(I am very sad that I know that there is such a person in the Myst community. crying)

However, many people gathered for the party that you planned so that I had never looked.

You should be proud of it.


My favorite words have such words. wink

"The effort does not betray a person"


There is not the rain which does not stop.

And it rains, and the earth becomes strong.


I wait for you to come back with a smile together.


Ritratto di Max
Iscritto: 28 Gen 2012

Thanx Toki... I think I understand what you mean... :-) .. And I do appreciate it!

Yes, we did create something good, I guess. Time will tell if it can develop or if not...

As I fear MOULa and the Cavern might be soon empty, it this kind of behaviour
continues. I've had several (old time) players saying they will perhaps leave. For a
while or for good, we have to wait and see.

All things happen or goes in cycles, true. Maybe a new kind of Journey waits ahead...


Ritratto di Samoth
Iscritto: 5 Feb 2013

Hi Max,

I am very sad to hear that you’ve decided to leave. One week ago I made the same decision, but after many reactions of my Uru-friends I withdraw that decision. I would say this to you:

“Put energy into your friends, not your enemies!”

What you say about griefers, yes, we again have seen some the last weeks. I agree with you it is no good to ‘hunt’ at them. I have tried the ‘friendly’ approach, but the problem is, he wasn’t reacting in a positive way to that.

I have to agree also that last time not always a positive attitude is present in the cavern, but I realized now that simply leave is no solution. I know for sure that you still hear the call of the D’ni, as me.

Max, you are part of the D’ni community and you have done great things to make D’ni a better place. I know for sure that many players will regret you absence, including me!

I hope to see you soon again in the cavern. Uru will die as persons like you will leave…


Your friend,


(also known as Tom(Samoth), Boywhith and Magic Tom.)




Behind the real world lies the D'ni universe!

Ritratto di Nev'yn
Forum moderatorMagazine teamCavern CrierMessenger
Iscritto: 15 Nov 2011

Lunanne wrote:
The Uru community is not so much a community as a lot of groups of people who like the same videogame(s) but cannot agree on much else.

I agree with Luna's thoughts in regards to this comment.

To add my own opinion ot the discussion, I also feel moving within the various groups which compose the "Uru community" is delicate balancing act. On one hand we need new ideas and people willing to implement these ideas...From the other side of the coin, some people would prefer to maintain the "status quo", while others are too lethargic for actual involvement in any "in-depth" projects anymore.

I actually find your IHP project to be quite insipred. In some ways it may be a bit too ambitious, or perhaps too quick for some people to adjust to...Much like the founding of the League of Nations which progressed into the United Nations in the form we have today.

That being said, I do agree with Samoth and Doobes...You should work on the various projects as you have the energy...Try not to let those being negative get you down. For those with constructive comments, even if not phrased the best way, may help you improve your idea. As for other, just try to take a breath and let thier comments go...It's not like they're being productive memebr of the community anyway.

Well, these are just my thoughts on the matter...If Marten were here, I feel he would have some sort wise and comforting advice.

I hope my own words help is some small way.


| "The truth speaks for itself, I am just the messenger." -Lyta Alexander |


Ritratto di Max
Iscritto: 28 Gen 2012

Thanx for the nice comments, Tom & Nev'yn & all... I do appreciate them!

Sometimes you just need to take a "step outside" to be able to see the larger picture. There were
too many things perhaps occupying my mind at the time. I got on the wrong footing in my stride
and it got slightly out of hand...

So, I have reconcidered a bit! I won't totally rule out doing some stuff for TCP in the future. And
I'll be popping into MOULa again at some point I'm sure too. We'll see how it goes then...

But IF anybody is willing, please do continue the "This Month..." feature. It don't have to be that
much of text. Just some snippets of news, a few poor jokes. And some facts reported from the
MYST On-Line Forums... It has had some hundreds of readers, so it would be nice if continued!

But I for my part will in fact do something completly different for a while...